Wednesday, March 14, 2007

King Britt - Deep & Sexy 4

King Britt
Deep & Sexy 4
Wave Records
7.0 out of 10

By Norman Mayers

DJ/producer King Britt is probably best known for his work as the touring DJ for Digable Planets but he has successfully turned this early notoriety into a complex and varied career. A master of many styles, Britt has developed projects as diverse as the jazz/soul Sylk130, the deep house Scuba, and the Detroit Techno inspired Nova Dream Sequence. On his latest mix compilation, Deep & Sexy 4, King Britt keeps things in the house groove, producing a CD that is at once a DJ set and a testament to his abilities as a producer.

Rather than simply play tracks, Britt re-crafted much of the material into new productions that work seamlessly together. Deep & Sexy 4 takes listeners on a soothing journey through house music’s sensual pleasures starting out with the soft and flirtatious “Waiting For Your Love” by Onda but transitioning into a variety of styles that encompasses Latin vibes, saxophone soul, and rapid-fire percussion. Vocal tracks persist throughout the album but what makes it truly shine are interjected vocals from the likes of Rich Medina, poet and riot-girl Ursula Rucker, Cynthia Mauger and Maria Siravo musing on the nature of sexy. Rucker for one muses “Sexy like the way you bite your bottom lip when I touch you like that” over the simmering groove of Beat Pharmacy’s “Wata”. King Britt’s Scuba project delivers the album’s most memorable moment with “Love For You”, a cutting-edge slice of electro house soul featuring the magical presence of Lisa Shaw. The track runs on squelchy acid synths and a thick wall of bass that envelope Shaw’s rapturous vocals.

With Deep & Sexy 4, King Britt has transformed the normal house set into something more. By adding compelling spoken word accents and original re-workings, this mix compilation definitely stands out from the pack.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Photoshoot with Jim Oblak

Another week. Another photoshoot. This time with the very talented Jim Oblak. Jim shoots on a plain white backdrop with intense lighting. It was a fun shoot since I got to try on lots of different outfits and such and fling my hair around.

Then we did an industrial setup for his book. This was really fun since I got to be a greasy stud and hold up fake chains. This was the best shoot yet!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ciara - Like A Boy Video

Winter Music Conference Events

So, Miami's Winter Music Conference is upon us once again. Here are some kick-ass events I would recommend if you in Miami March 20-25. Click each image for larger versions.

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