Wednesday, August 15, 2012

5 Years Of Strictly Social - Thursday August 23, 2012

No matter how you look at it 5 years of doing anything is a pretty solid achievement. On August 23, 2012 I will be celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Strictly Social, the event that I began in August of 2007 with DJ Destroyer and Lucy Beer. While Lucy is no longer on board, Destroyer and I kept things going and produced a night that was unique in Los Angeles. The concept has always been to present soul music with an edge in a very contemporary and party driven way. As the main event showcase for my website Nu-Soul, Strictly Social became the place where I could book the artists that I thought were amazing. Surprisingly enough there were lots of people in LA who thought these artists were amazing as well.

Over the years I have hosted some truly outstanding performers both local and international, all the while helping to foster a community of artists in LA. Strictly Social has become more than I have ever imagined over the years. We have taken the show on the road to New York, San Francisco and San Diego, released several mixtapes and been the first to take a chance on some unknown artists. I have worked with such amazing people as N'Dea Daavenport, Sy Smith, Mark de Clive-Lowe and Lisa Shaw to name a small few.

For our 5th Anniversary we are taking things up a notch and moving to a new venue. The Echo in Echo park is going to be our new home and its a step up for sure. This well loved venue holds 350 people often has a show every day of the week. They have the knowledge, staff, and marketing to help take Strictly Social to the next level.

I am so excited to continue the journey of Strictly Social and I am committed to bringing the best lineups that I possibly can. I have always tried to find a balance between biggers names, buzzy new acts, and underground innovators over the years and I will continue to do so!

To purchase tickets for the 5th Anniversary show go to:

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