Thursday, May 04, 2006

The first post

So here it is: my first blog. I want to use this space to post information about my career as a writer. I am a travel writer for Black Meetings & Tourism magazine as well as a freelance music journalist with Jointz Magazine, Prefix Magazine, and Urban I want to start to bring both worlds together. At this year's Winter Music Conference in Miami I began to see how the two worlds can really work as one if I let them. I was interviewing artists from Japan, while using the skills I had learned at the travel magazine to plan my trip and itinerary. Although most of my travel writing is done in my office without actually visiting the places I am writing about, that is beginning to change.

As far as music goes, I have made a large number of contacts for myself since writing for Jointz and Prefix. Prefix especially has allowed me to review music from every genre I feel inclined to so now I have a stack of PR contacts to draw from. Myspace has also been a huge part of me gaining confidence. I have been able to directly connect with many of the artists that I am writing about to share my words and get their love and support.

I do not want to use this page to brag or boast about the things that i experience but rather share with others who express an interest in me or the choices that I am making. I hope I can inspire others to create their own unique paths to show that you do not have to have a cookie cutter career. The sky is the limit! Find what interests you are pursue that since that is the way to your own happiness!

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