Thursday, January 24, 2008

Adult Entertainment Expo Photos

I think these pictures speak for themselves. There was something for everyone at this tits-ass-pussy-cockfest in Las Vegas! Best of all I came home with a bag full of free porn, a few very cool (and dirty) tshirts, and a gorgeous coffee table book. Not bad.

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cniggarz blessed said...

YAH man ..i just stumble on to your blogger.. i was on modelmayhem
looking around for potentials & guess who i see.. you [smile](i got jokes) i saw your movies first ..and i thought you had a 'tight little body' ..he should model.. i said here you are & here i am [know i'm late] check me out blogger [i'm new] youtube ..the myspace jumpoff w/ my main cuzzo RL ..then hit me back YAH BLESS [you got a great smile]

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