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The Rhythm Section - March 15

Join us for the next movement of.....


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The Rhythm Section


Eclectic Selection for all....WYLIN!

Featuring Detroit's Hip Hop Ambassador to the World,

Special Guest DJ:

House Shoes

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(Humble Arrogance

Detroit's HipHop ambassador to the world....
Relocated to Los Angeles....
Ran Detroit's Hip Hop scene for over a decade.
Released the highly sought after JayDeeUnreleased in 1997...
Released PhatKat's Dedication to the Suckers 12" in 1999...
The House Shoes Collection Vol.1 : I Got Next followed in 2004...
and Loungin' Vol. 1 : Live at the Buddha Lounge in 2005...
Professor of all things Detroit.
Loved by many, Hated by few(cocksuckers)...
Make sure to peep the podcast at

Resident Selectors:


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(Beathackerz Kollectiv | Excursions Show | Vibes & Stuff)

DJ Concise, a member of the Los Angeles's very own Beathackerz Kollective, has been djing in and around venues from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, New York, and even overseas for 8 years. He is also part of an underground internet radio show called Excursions ( in which himself DJ Analog & DJ One Man Jazz broadcast live every Saturday from 11am-3pm to reach out open minded music to open minded people. A show blended with beautiful and melodic sounds, his love for music comes first and his aim is to please the soul through the medium of eclectic sounds. Playing everything from hip hop, soul, funk, latin, bossanova, brazillian, reggae, downtempo, trip hop, broken beat, disco, soulful house, cuban, afro-beat and jazz, the records are endless groove schemes that will take you on a worldwide trip of infinite soundscapes.


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(Satori | Brand1 Jazz | Vibes & Stuff)

BZ, networker extraordinaire, promoter par excellence, DJ? Absolutely….yes, the man that you see at all the spots, that everyone seems to know, has swiftly perfected his signature groovy mélange of beats that is guaranteed to set the mood and get your head noddin. As a long time lover of music, he began splicing cassette tapes & wreckin the folks turntables as a youngster. It was his first exposure to Hip Hop however that changed his life….though it was nothing he had ever heard before, something about it made him feel completely at home. Since then, he has searched and researched everything Hip Hop, fully immersing himself into all the aspects that makes Hip Hop unique. This passion led him to try his hand in all the elements and thus it's natural that he's smoothly segued into expressing his passion for music via the turntable. Also moved by the music in the form of dance, its inspired BZ to expand beyond hip hop and dig into the dance driven sounds of funk, nujazz and future soul. Nevertheless, when you hear his sets, there's always an underlying thread of Hip Hop that connects it all. With a goal of continually exposing good music to the public, BZ has found balance between dropping new and refreshing beats while still while building on classic sounds. It's his desire that his sets continually spark the urge in people to keep searching for new and fresh sounds because even if the sounds are new to your ears, the music can still strike a familiar chord in you…as if you already know it….just like his like his first reaction to hip hop.


734 E 3rd St.
just east of Alameda
Los Angeles, CA 90013
$5 Before 11


rsvp discounted entry, email

Food served until 1am!
valet & plenty of street parking

capacity expected :: early arrival suggested

((((support good music))))

:: community :: family :: music :: respect ::

This is what you missed last month!!!


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