Thursday, April 17, 2008

War Stories DVD mix

During the Winter Music Conference a mixtape or mix CD is as commonplace as $10 beers, which is why the team at Urban Breakbeat decided to take things to the next level with this special video mixtape. With sounds provided by the incomparable War Stories and visuals by Urban Breakbeat's own VJ Omni, this upfront DVD recalls the grass roots spirit of dance music's early days while utilizing the technology of today.

Jungle Sky's War Stories deliver a rough and tumble drum & bass mix aimed at the dancefloor with ample doses of reggae and hip-hop. The vibe is definitely old school as DJs Frydae and Type-R rediscover the excitement and limitless possibilities of the genre, packing a full night's intensity into a 30-minute mix. VJ Omni leaves his distinct imprint on the visuals, mixing in everything from dancing girls and break dancing robots, to tripped out kaleidoscopes and urban landscapes. The unique visuals can be used to create the perfect vibe for your own house party while the audio mix is sure to satisfy your DnB craving.

Watch the entire 30 minute AV mix by clicking the video window below...

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