Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Halloween 2009

Another Halloween is in the books and this one was definitely crazy. It fell on a Saturday so there was lots to do. I dressed up as White Gold from those crazy milk commercials.

Check out White Gold

I began my night wandering the streets of West Hollywood with some 500, 000 or so costumed freaks! Including friends such as photographers Kurt R. Brown, Steven Blank, Gregory Prescott and Jerris Madison and model Max Philisaire. Then it was off to downtown to catch Jody Watley, Vikter Duplaix and DJ Rashida. Prince rolled through that party which was quite exciting. Then off to Erin's house for the after-after party till the sun came up. My friend Jayvon (in the red shorts) stole my costume from last year but I couldn't help staring at his ass most of the night. I decided to post it for your enjoyment. LOL

Till next Halloween!!!!

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