Monday, May 24, 2010

My Date with Tyson Kobie

Through an altogether bizarre twist of fate I won this Dawgpound USA contest for a trip to Blatino Oasis. I really wasn't expecting this at all but nevertheless I won a trip to Palm Springs and a date with Tyson Kobie, a very cute porn star dude. All i did was submit a fantasy that included some of my favorite stars from the DawgPound website and I was selected.

It was a fun experience, although I did not expect to have a camera in my face. The actual date was to take a tram up the side of a mountain a hang out. Ty was really sweet and we had fun joking around with each other. NO, nothing dirty happened so don't ask. But I got a free room and VIP pass out of the deal so I can't complain! And I got to hang out a bit with other guys from the site like Jovonnie and Cornbread. Enjoy this surreal video of my meeting with Tyson Kobie.And check out the pic with me and Cornbread!

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