Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nappy Nu-Year 2012 - My first New Year's Party

I just realized the other day that not only am I organizing my first big New Year's Eve party but also my first afterhours party. I am really excited to be doing this party with awesome friends and collaborators including the Nappy Nation crew, RK Entertainment, and Frolab! There is a whole lot happening at this party!

There will be a midnight jam session featuring some of LA's most awesome artists such as Jimetta Rose and Shafiq of Sa-Ra, Lots of LA's hottest soul/hip-hop DJs, and it goes til 6am. The vibe will be that of an LA underground warehouse, so grimy, sexy fun! The party is only $30 at the door but there are 2 ways to save!

$25 with RSVP to or

LIMITED $20 presales also available via

Location provided with RSVP or ticket purchase!

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