Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My Coachella Experience

I wasn't even planning on going to Coachella this year. It's really expensive for one day and even more expensive for the whole weekend. After Miami I wasn't looking forward to another non-stop party session. But Coachella did have Bjork performing on the first day and the prospect of seeing one of my favorite artists in such a beautiful outdoor setting was very tempting. Luckily my friend, Michelle, blessed me with a free ticket for my birthday (since I hooked her up for both Love Parade and Ultra) and I finally got to see Bjork. A bonus was Amy Winehouse who I am absolutely in love with. She rocks. Her music sounds like classic girl-group soul from the 60s but she talks about weed, hip-hop, and drinking. It's great stuff.

Bjork was of course amazing. She performed most of my favorite songs including "Hunter", "Joga", "Hyperballad", and "Pagan Poetry" which such precision and joy that it was quite surreal. Her voice sounded exactly how you imagine it to sound and she playfully ran and danced around the stage. What a beautiful experience!

Photos from Urb Magazine's Imeem page

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