Monday, May 07, 2007

Scion - Walking Back To Houston Art Show May 12th

Contemporary Art Show in All-New Scion Installation L.A. Gallery

Los Angeles - May 2007 - Scion celebrates cutting edge art with the opening
of its all-new 4,500 square foot Installation L.A. Gallery and a new show,
Walking Back to Houston. The show, curated by Union, features three diverse
artists, CLOS, ROB ABEYTA, JR. and ZY$.

Abeyta, Jr. has an already established reputation in the traditional art
world. He has done graphic design, as well as art directing and design for
music packaging designs ranging from the seminal punk band, LOS CRUDOS, to
The Transplants, to LA hip hop legends MACK 10, Cypress Hill and DJ Quick.
Carlitos (CLOS) is best known for his work as a tattoo artist, notably as
Mr. Cartoon's apprentice. ZY$ is an underground Tokyo graffiti artist and
will be present for the Culver City show. Walking Back to Houston brings
together these artists to present their talents in a new light and setting.

The distinctive name of the show is derived from a Texas no-limit poker
hand, the Ace-King. This is usually considered to be a great hand, but if
the player still ends up losing, it's called "Walking back to Houston." The
curators decided the catchy, but mysterious phrase would fit the concept of
the show.

The opening reception takes place May 12th, 7:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M., at the
Scion Installation L.A. Gallery, 3521 Helms Ave. (at National), Culver City,
CA 90232. The show will remain up through June 2nd - the date of the annual
Culver City Arts Walk.

Dedicated to fostering independent artistic expression, the Scion
Installation L.A. Gallery is a space that allows artists to explore their
creative visions. The new Scion Installation Gallery hosts art shows and
art-related events for cutting-edge urban artists from across the globe.
Due to success and growth, the Scion Installation L.A. Gallery recently
moved from its Washington Boulevard location to Helms and National near the
Hayden Tract area. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday 11:00 A.M. -
6:00 P.M. and by appointment -310.815.8840. For more information, visit

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