Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fairmont Newport Beach

Like I have said before my life is all about different vibes. I went to a reception on Thursday September 7 at the Fairmont Newport Beach in Orange County. It was a bit of a drive so I had to leave the office at around 2pm just to be sure that I beat the traffic for the 5pm event.

I was a bit skeptical since the event took place in Newport Beach which is known to be lily white but the city still has always advertised with Black Meetings & Tourism so it was important that a representative be present.

The hotel itself was a very upscale business property and it was very nice. They had site tours available so invited guests could see the rooms, the pool area, and all that. But what was great about the reception was that no matter where you went in the hotel there was food and drink right there. I mean, they had a bar set up in the 7th floor hallway!
At the pool area they were making shrimp and scallop kebobs and serving Coronas and Margaritas. The lobby, lounge, restaurant, bar and private dining areas on the main floor were the best though. Fancy hors d'oevres and wine were being served in every nook and cranny of the place. It was all really top shelf stuff. They even had an ice martini bar.

Then they opened the ballrooms and outdoor event space for the over 600 people that showed up. The outdoor space had sushi bars and some fancy cars that were being raffled off. They were from Lexus but they sure looked like Scions.
The ballrooms were also filled with activity. The larger room had a huge salad bar and carving stations for the meat lovers. A bar was situated in the middle of the room with a jazz band elevated in the middle of it. The smaller room had a ridiculous dessert setup. It had white chocolate fountains and berry, whipped cream thingies and chocolate delights. I really love my job!

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