Friday, September 29, 2006

San Fran - Day 2 The Love Parade

My second day in San Fran was all about the Love Parade, or Love Fest as it is called now since Berlin reclaimed the Love Parade name this year. It was an amazing event. An electronic music parade in the streets and a festival in front of City Hall that lasted all day. Young and old, gay and straight, ravers and hippies, rich and poor, every race, every sound, every style. The Love Fest was an event of unrivaled beauty and freedom that I will not soon forget. The best part was when my friends went back to the hotel and I was left to wander the festival grounds on my own. The beauty and love that I experienced was like a dream. I met a variety of characters that made me feel at home in this strange place. It reminded me that you are never truly alone. The universe is always there to take care of you.

Later that night it was off to the after parties. First we headed to the Civic Center for the official after party. This was just okay. It was a rave style atmosphere in an enclosed civic center so it had a "been there done that" feel. We headed over to the SOMA Arts Cultural Center for another after party called Love Infusion. This was the proper vibe for me and my crew. A chill outdoor area with trees and bean bags was the centerpiece of the venue, but there were three rooms inside playing breaks and trance. I was able to meet more San Fran people in an intimate environment. All around this was an excellent trip. I will be returning to San Francisco soon enough.

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