Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fitness Hollywood 2007

So this past weekend I went to a Fitness and Bodybuilding competition called Fitness Hollywood. I went with Pink Mafia radio and just assisted him while he took photos. I was there all day which wasn't really necessary but i did get to see the difference in all the categories. There was a Fitness Pageant for the women. These checks are one step away from porn. They are gorgeous but its all about high heels and fake tits.

They also had a male modeling competition called Model America. This was kinda boring despite all the hot guys. There wasn't much for them to do except walk down the stage and maybe show a little personality. All the really hot guys didn't place since! What's up with that?

The final part of the day was for the Muscle Mania competition. This was worth the wait. I have never been to a bodybuilding show and it was quite entertaining. They do possess a certain showmanship and bravado that makes it so fun. Some of these guys, although freakishly built, are quite beautiful. Enjoy the photos from Steven Blank. I will be posting photos of my two favorite competitors, Jeff Beckham and Samuel Laurent. (the first two guys pictured)

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