Monday, October 27, 2008

Nu-Soul Two-Year Anniversary Party Photos

Strictly Social and Nu-Soul Magazine have done it again! On October 22nd Strictly Social returned to its new home at Little Temple for a very special evening celebrating two years on Nu-Soul magazine. The house was packed to witness the talented artists and DJs on display.

The night began with the selections of DJ Myxzlplix, fresh off his dope Strictly Social mixed CD. Les Brown & the Now took to the stage with their unique blend of soul, funk and rock. Les' energetic stage presence to passionate vocals had the crowd cheering. Stay tuned for this guy! DJ Kaleem was up on deck next and he rocked the house with an eclectic set that had the ladies moving. Then it was over to the lovely and talented Michelle Shaprow. The pixie-ish diva delivered a set that moved from chilled out electro pop to full on disco funk!

The performances were topped off by Oakland's Replife. This incredibly talented MC led the crowd in call and response chants, put himself in the thick of the audience and exuded a tremendous amount of stage presence and energy. Not to mention his beats are from another planet fusing the best in hip-hop, future soul, afro-beat, and broken beat. Resident DJ Destroyer kept things hot until they kicked us out.

Overall this was a very important night for Nu-Soul magazine and Strictly Social. Little Temple embraced us and we will be doing shows there on the third Wednesday of every month. Special thanks to everyone who came out and supported including Fusicology, Universal Rhythm, Aside Worldwide, Social Butterfly and Wendy for hosting her birthday party with us, and all the talented artists who graced out stage. Stay tuned for November 19.

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