Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Future Sound of Breaks Special Feature

For those that don’t know, the electro breakbeat sound that began when Afrika Bambaataa dropped “Planet Rock” in the 1980s and spawned the renaissance of modern hip-hop is alive and well. Leading the charge for this often overlooked form of American dance music is the Future Sound of Breaks (FSOB). This trailblazing organization has been working steadily to raise the profile of the breakbeat community and sound through a high level of marketing, event production, and music releases. Join Nu-Soul Magazine as we take a closer look at FSOB and their impact on the dance music community in a special two-part feature.

Read part 1: An interview with the CEO of the FSOB movement, Glyn Morgan

Read part 2: An interview with FSOB DJ/producer Supernaut

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